Step Inside the Brand Spankin’ New MostlyMary!

MostlyMary hit some major milestones recently. We sailed past half a million page views, are about to crack 750 Twitter followers, and topped 500 likers on Facebook. The boom in the MostlyMary social accounts is due entirely to Avery F. coming on board as an editor, bringing her love for Mary and the fans, and her crazy smarts at interneting. Very glad to have you, Avery. ❤

Given our new reach and new team, it was time for a new look. We hope you enjoy the cleaner, more streamlined layout. Bear with us as we go through some growing pains and some reorganization as we move from Drupal to WordPress. Neither of us is a coder and we’re learning as we go!

Last, but in no way least, we’re extremely proud to announce the launch of the MostlyMary blog. In addition to the article and image archives you already know and love, we now offer our own original content: essays, humor pieces, listicles, reviews, exclusive interviews, and more.

As always, we welcome comments, questions, suggestions, squee, flail, puppies, etc. Talk to us through the Contact form or shoot us an email at editors [at] mostlymary [dot] com.

Yours in Sparkle Motion,

Erin and Avery


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