MostlyMary Holiday Gift Guide

 Sharon Raydor may be surrounded by people with no sense of occasion, but the same certainly cannot be said of the actress who plays her. The season of sleigh bells and roasting chestnuts is upon us, and MostlyMary has the essential Holiday Gift Guide for any Mary McDonnell fan (or friend/family member seeking to shop for the Mary McDonnell fan in their life).

For the Beginner: New to Mary? Looking to make a fan out of a friend? Get started with the essentials. The first season of Battlestar Galactica includes the four-part miniseries, which is enough to hook anyone, and marks the beginning of Mary’s critically acclaimed performance of President Laura Roslin. If you’re having a hard time convincing someone to watch a show called Battlestar Galactica (they’ll get over it), or if four seasons is too intimidating, Dances With Wolves remains Mary’s most famous film to date and garnered her her first Academy Award nomination. Finally, season one of Major Crimes is a good way to get up to date with Mary’s ongoing performance as Captain Sharon Raydor, who was first introduced on The Closer seven years ago.

22371_001_25719_C1_V1_14170309 jpgMajor Crimes cast promotional shot

For the Book Lover: Before Laura Roslin and Sharon Raydor, there was another leading lady that Mary was interested in playing: Nuala O’Faolain, the now deceased real-life Irish Times columnist, whose memoir Are You Somebody? Mary discovered at an airport and ended up devouring in one sitting. After meeting O’Faolain she began the process of adapting the book into a one-woman show with the intention of playing the author herself. Mary details her experiences as a stage actress and explores her acting process in 8 Women of the American Stage, which also features essays from Cherry Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker, and others. More recently, Mary has provided testimonials for the works of spiritual teacher Lama Marut, whose new book Be Nobody explores the pressure to stand out and be seen.

For the Gadget Geek: Photographer Dennys Ilic has taken beautiful pictures of Mary, including the promotional poster for The Cherry Orchard. Two of his photos of Mary as Laura Roslin are available on Redbubble. Both Dreams of Death and Dreams of Life are available as traditional prints and posters, but also on products such as journals, pillows, and even phone cases and laptop sleeves, perfect for someone who spends a lot of time participating in online fandom!

flat,550x550,075,fDreams of Death by Dennys Ilic

For the Binge Watcher: Already devoured Battlestar Galactica? How about E/R and The Closer? For fans who need something new to occupy them while waiting for the next line to be added to Mary’s filmography, we’ve got you covered. If you loved the dark, gritty, post-apocalyptic landscape of BSG and you’re a fan of complicated characters who are immeasurably changed by unimaginable circumstances, check out season one of The Walking Dead. If you’d rather spend more time with the LAPD and go deeper into the interactions between police officers and civilians, the officers of The Shield have different takes on the legal and ethical responsibilities of being a police office than our Major Crimes team, but explore them to great dramatic effect.

For the Lady: Mary’s naturally a stunner, but when it comes to screen time and special events, she gets a little extra help. Mimic Mary’s fabulous mame with Dermorganic products, as used on Major Crimes by hairstylist Stacey K. Black; try Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick (makeup artist Robin Siegel used “Mademoiselle” on Mary); and visit BathBar, founded by Mary’s current makeup artist Kristina Vogel, to create a custom perfume (Mary selected notes of waterlily, China Lily, and hibiscus). If you’re looking for original, handcrafted jewelry, check out Natalie Cook’s Etsy shop or MalibuJewel by Candace Medress, whose beautiful bling Mary has sported at appearances ranging from The View to a panel at the United Nations.

01043Mary showing off Candace Medress’ jewelr y at a 2013 Fashion Week event

For the Fashionista: Mary wears heels a lot while in character, but it’s no secret that behind the scenes, more often than not, she trades them for her beloved Uggs. While the original brand has some great options, we prefer these cheaper, cruelty free alternatives that are equally cute and comfortable. For someone looking to really make a statement, we recommend showing your Packer pride (or perhaps leaving your pride behind entirely) with this foam cheesehead, or playing it a little cooler with a selection from the Packer’s Official Shop.

tumblr_nu7yfroLfo1qlzixzo1_1280Staying comfortable in her Uggs on the set of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries

For the Kids: Mary has fans of all ages! For those on the younger side, check out this beautifully illustrated version of Johnny Appleseed, and then listen to Mary’s narration – perfect to download and use as a bedtime story. And while unfortunately there are no Sharon Raydor or Laura Roslin action figures, there are a great many unicorn figurines and plushies, which we figure is close enough (we like this one, but take your pick)! There are also great selections of unicorn-inspired jewelry on sites like Etsy.

For Those On A Budget: A lot of us end up pinching pennies this time of year (and let’s be honest, we need to save all the pennies we can for Mary’s next con!), but there are plenty of fun gifts for those of us on a budget. Visit MostlyMary’s galleries to select some of your favorite pictures of Mary, or pick out some of your favorite shots of you with your fellow fans, and visit Shutterfly or a similar site to find neat ways to display them; or, if you’re the creative type, you can do it yourself and create a homemade calendar/collage or find other original ways to add them to your decor. For the artsy type, try framing some of your photoshop creations, or arrange some of your favorite High Society or The Closer quotes in pretty typography! 

For the Good Samaritan: Mary is passionate about a lot of great causes, and for a charity-minded fan, a donation in their name could be a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Mary and her fans have worked closely with Sinte Gleska University, a Lakota school located on the Rosebud Reservation near where Dances With Wolves was filmed, and money raised in Mary’s honor has gone towards furthering the education of adults and children whose options might otherwise be limited. Savannah and Seattle are two little girls with incurable, life-threatening illnesses whom the Battlestar Galactica family have rallied around, and donations to them and their families go towards covering medical expenses. Mary has also promoted organizations such as the OPCC, dedicated to ending homelessness in the Los Angeles area, and supported research towards ending breast cancer and Lyme disease.


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