The Woman of the House: Mary McDonnell adjusts to life in the White House
Unknown publication


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August 13, 1995


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January 24, 1993

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January 24, 1993

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January 28, 2013

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January 31, 1993

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March 7, 1993

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March 23, 1993

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August 2003

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August 23, 1993

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August 29, 1993

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October 1993


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September 11, 1992

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Dan DiNicola | The Sunday Gazette (Schenectady, N.Y.)
September 13, 1992

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October 16, 1992

Mary McDonnell explores her dark side
David Kronke | Los Angeles Daily News (Deseret News – The Salt Lake Tribune)
December 22-23, 1992


At the Movies: McDonnell After ‘Wolves’
Lawrence Van Gelder | New York Times
February 22, 1991

The Oscar Payoff: Successful film alters careers of those responsible
John Horn | Associated Press (The Item, Sumter, N.C.)
April 27, 1991

Mary McDonnell – Without Reservations
Laurie Werner | Cosmopolitan
November 1991

Actress Says Hard Work Is Healthy
Calgary Herald
December 22, 1991

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Mary McDonnell Builds A Bridge Across Cultures
Peter M. Nichols | New York Times
December 2, 1990



Another Unmarried Woman, Not by Choice
Anita Gates | New York Times
March 12, 1999


Television Review: Styron, With All His Contradictions
John J. O’Connor | New York Times
January 22, 1997

Lost Without a Screen: The Fate of ‘Orphan’ Films
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March 9, 1997

When Going Public With Pain Can Be Healing
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June 16, 1997


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August 25, 1995

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October 30, 1995

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November 6, 1995


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February 18, 1994

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July 31, 1994


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FILM VIEW: The Year of the Woman? Not in Movies.
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January 10, 1993

FILM VIEW – ‘Passion Fish’ Nourishes the Grown-Ups
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January 24, 1993

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September 7, 1993


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June 5, 1992


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January 13, 1991

Kevin Costner Said the Words but Doris Leader Charge Made the Dances Dialogue Truly Sioux
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January 21, 1991

Mary McDonnell proves to be wise choice for “Wolves”
Knight News Service | Toledo Blade
March 22, 1991

TV Weekend: A Willa Cather Classic About Settlers in Nebraska
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May 17, 1991

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November 10, 1991


On Stage
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June 15, 1990

A Soldier at One With the Sioux
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November 9, 1990