First Look Set Visit: ‘Major Crimes’

May 24, 2012

by Robert Pace


When Kyra Segwick decided it was time for her to move on from The Closer and subsequently put an end to the show after seven seasons, she opened the door for the upcoming spin-off Major Crimes, which will feature Mary McDonnell at the helm.

With the pressure on to create a show as successful as The Closer, will McDonnell be able to keep Major Crimes afloat? The Insider caught up with the cast on the set Major Crimes to pick their brains about the new spin-off show.

“It’s this great challenge. It’s a real risk and it’s really beautiful,” said McDonnell, who has been on The Closer for three seasons. “The fans are excited about sticking with us through that high dive.”

The high dive won’t be too high, as Major Crimes will premiere immediately following the series finale of The Closer this summer. “The biggest difference…is that ‘The Closer’ always ended with a confession and [Kyra Sedwick’s character] was savant at eliciting the confession, and so without that, we are a major crimes division without that element.”

Although the new spin-off would love to still have Segwick on set, G.W. Bailey pointed out that her hard work alongside the entire cast brought the show to where it is now. “She was magnificent and she fulfilled her contract. She did a great job. She built the show,” he said. “It was time [for her to go] and…because of all that work that had been done, suddenly ‘Major Crimes’ came to life.”

The Closer will air its final six episodes beginning on July 9 on at 9 p.m. TNT and Major Crimes will premiere on August 13.