Ithaca high school yearbook

Dances With Wolves: The Illustrated Story of the Epic Film

Dances With Wolves: A Story for Children
by James Howe
Scholastic, Inc. (1991)
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Personal note to Robert Zimiga
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I work on the TV show major crimes as a background actor… as most of you know that is probably the lowest on the totem pole you can get in the industry… Mary McDonnell the main actor on major crimes heard about my father’s recent diagnosis with prostate cancer… my father is from the in Sioux tribe in South Dakota.. and struggles on a monthly basis to make ends meet.. I told her a little bit about him and what a great guy he is, and that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer… I arrive to set the next day.. and marry him and me this note.. inside was a generous contribution to help move my father to Texas for treatment at a better hospital… after receiving it I walked out and couldn’t help but get teary eyed… what a wonderful woman.. and such a wonderful giving and loving cast, and crew… this lady is amazing.

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