NewBeauty Revolutionary Retail Store at Fred Segal L.A.

NewBeauty Revolutionary Retail Store at Fred Segal L.A.

Cachita Hynes |

March 28, 2012

NewBeauty Magazine has launched its grand opening of their beauty retail store at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, California. Cachita Hynes L.A. editor and video host for New York Girl Style was at the launch at Fred Siegel to get the beauty scoop. You can get far more than the latest bright red skinny jeans, now beauty product fanatics can test, try and purchase the products featured in New Beauty Magazine.  The revolutionary retail store is a fashionista’s destination for state of the art beauty products. The NewBeauty store features expert interaction with NewBeauty readers and NewBeauty’s editorial and production team for an in person experience of the latest trends and beauty tips of NewBeauty’s products.

In the photo, NewBeauty Publisher Steffanie Attenberg, Editor In Chief Yolando Yoh Butler, Mila Moursi of Mila Moursi Skin Care and Mary McDonnell, a two time Oscar nominee and McDonnell’s [sic] client for 20 years.

Some beauty products in NewBeauty’s retail store include manicures with nail shades like Essie’s spring trend nail colors like No More Film and Ole’ Caliente featured in photo. Moroccanoil’s Glimmer Shine Spray helps keep hair look shiny just in time for summer which, Cachita Hynes, our New York Girl Style L.A. editor, tries out at the NewBeauty event. An eyelash curler with a warm brush gently bends lashes that gives you curled lasting lashes for everyday wear that only cost twenty dollars.

Celebrity make-up artist, Scott Barnes, introduced one of NewBeauty’s products called Body Bling to New York Girl Style L.A. editor, Cachita Hynes, which is perfect for summer bronze skin. Scott Barnes has worked on celebrity Jennifer Lopez with the NewBeauty Body Bling product that Jennifer Lopez uses year round for her signature bronze look. Celebrities such as Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston love Mila Moursi’s skin care line which includes an Anti Wrinkle Cream that takes away stubborn wrinkles for smooth skin.

NewBeauty retail store gives customers hands on experience by supplying a Make Your Own Test Tube beauty sample. Customers can make their own Test Tube sampling with thirty samples to choose from that allows signature mixes of the latest beauty products.

Steffanie Attenberg, NewBeauty VP Group Publisher said, “Bringing our incredibly successful sampling program to the retail space not only gives consumers a great way to customize their TestTubes, but it is also an amazing opportunity for us to help shape the product assortment in the store. By keeping track of what products people choose, we can see what is popular—before we launch a brand, we are able to build a specific customer base that we know will be excited about it!”

Also at NewBeauty is Dayna Decker candles that are a great way to create your own spa feeling at home. Dayna Decker candles use EcoWood Wicks that add an organic illumination and a soothing crackling sound to enhance any environment.