There’s Something About Mary

TV Guide
December 2009

There’s Something About Mary

The bitch is back! Mary McDonnell helps bring Season 5 to a close when she returns as the captain of the universally despised Force Investigation Division, Sharon Raydor – aka the thorn in Brenda’s side. “She swallows her pride and goes to Brenda [Kyra Sedgwick] for help because one of her female officers is hurt,” explains McDonnell. “Raydor actually needs Brenda’s style – the thing that normally drives her nuts – which puts Raydor in a funny, awkward position.” Even though she’s showing her vulnerable side, don’t expect Raydor to win the sympathy of Brenda and the boys. “Raydor and Brenda are really good examples of not being comfortable with another women who’s in your face and doesn’t agree with you,” says McDonnell. “To be able to get past that would take something very big.” (May we suggest trapping them in a closet together?) Despite these differences, McDonnell says she’s open to returning to the series. “I love being in conflict with such a beloved character, and it’s really easy for us to assume that tension, because as actresses we have great trust – and that’s a beautiful thing!

Caption: “I’m fascinated by her,” says McDonnell of playing Captain Raydor. “When she just doesn’t give a flying you-know-what about what anybody thinks, that’s when I love her.”